Day 52: What a rest day is–and is *not*

Sunday April 27–our REST DAY in Crestview Florida.

So what is a rest day like for me??????  Well, I will tell you first what A Rest Day is *Not*!!!!!
1. It is *not* setting an alarm for 5:45 am
2. It is *not* laying out your bike clothes the night before (hoping you guess the weather correctly).
3. It is *not* getting up and hoping both of your tires are hard and you did not have a slow flat over night.
4. It is *not* throwing on bike clothes in the dark because your roommate is not an early riser like me and stumbling down for coffee in the lobby (that’s in the nice motels).
5. It is *not* trying to eat the right breakfast to get you started on your ride depending on the distance.
6. It is *not* schlepping down your two bags (that have not gotten lighter over the weeks) to put on the trailer.
7. It is *not* schlepping your bike down the stairs, unless you were the lucky one to get a first floor room.
8. It is *not* checking tires and waiting for your favorite pump to pump them to your favorite pressure. Mine is 100 lbs.
9. It is *not* making a peanut butter sandwich.
10. It is *not* gazing over the snack table wondering what snacks you might need to make it to the end of a long ride.
11. It is *not* worrying you will be able to follow the cue sheet and make a wrong turn.

Waiting for the fog to lift

Waiting for the fog to lift

Do You Get The Idea Of A Rest Day my friends?! Needed and appreciated!!!!!!

So what IS a Rest Day?
For me, a rest day is a day to reflect on this journey.  What have I learned about myself and life?
I take time to think of the people that have touched my life. Why did I meet a stranger on a plane in August as I was heading home from visiting friends in Maine, who had done a cross America bike trip? Why did he inspire me to attempt such a journey?

A rest day is my day to process my appreciation for you and so many things in my life. I can reflect on just how grateful I am for all the donations raised for Alzheimer’s.  I can’t think of a better way to rest than to thank God for my all blessings!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Perry, Florida, a 54 mile ride.
Please continue to pray for our safety as our trip winds down. More miles to go and more journey to embrace.

Till tomorrow


Forty Days and Forty Nights

photo 5I woke to a beautiful blue sky, 40’s and windy morning. Ah, a rest day–something I have learned to embrace to prepare me for the next days of riding. Our cottage called the Pond is peaceful and of course I woke up early and made coffee and planned breakfast. My cottage mates were not up so I tried to be quiet.  That’s much easier being in a house setting. Thanks to my friend Jo, I had matzo with butter and jam. Keeping Passover just can’t happen on this trip but I have my matzo and will make my box last a week. I did read the story of Passover on my iPad and it made me grateful for all of God’s blessing. He has been my strength on this journey, sending me wonderful friends to support me along the way.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Lunch was a lone surviving peanut butter sandwich I found in my bike bag with chips, nuts and a banana. I did not want to hop a ride into town–I’d much rather just chill here!  I went to the main B&B house and spoke with Anne who runs the lodge, which has been in her family since 1780.  Charming, with character, of course. The cottages (8) were added later.  I also met Rosemary and Emma, who have taken care of the cottages for over 20 years. They are born and raised here in Saint Francisville, LA. Delightful ladies, and we had nice conversation.  They told me how the place was full with Katrina victims and how challenging those months were for the B&B. The grounds are beautiful, but right now noisy with the sounds of a strong wind. Tomorrow it’s a 90 mile ride into Hammond, LA– hoping for tailwinds!!
Thank you again for your needed support and prayers.
Love, Rona

More pics of St Francisville and The Pond

photo 3 (7) photo 2 (8) photo 1 (8) photo 4 (4)

Day 29: Rest and reunion

Had a wonderful visit from friends that live in San Antonio, Mindy and Barry. I grew up with Barry in NN. They drove up to see me–what a real treat. They took me to lunch and we walked the cute town of Fredericksburg–yes, Texas!!!

photo 1
All else was quiet here today and I am ready to ride to Austin tomorrow.
Cleaned my bike and just thought of the wonderful support back home and from people that are on my blog I don’t even know!
Got a wonderful fax from my Alzheimer’s office friends of well wishes and support, you made me cry, and are so kind. The note will go with me in my bike bag the rest of the trip, hope it doesn’t rain!!!!

photo 2

See you in Austin …..
Love ,

Day 21: Three weeks down!

Today is the official 3 week mark of my bike across America trip and
it was a rest day in Ft Davis, Texas. I did not go to the McDonald Observatory, although we biked by it yesterday.  I did not go hiking, I did not take a walk, I did not take a swim, I did *nothing* but rest….. Again, that’s not typical me, but we have 7 days coming with no rest!!!

I did talk to our friend Tony Macrini at WNIS and updated him on air about this journey and the support of those fighting for a cure for Alzheimer’s.
Sorry about no pictures, but we are too far from access to send pictures.  Stay tuned!
Oh, I did give my bike a good cleaning and got all the road grime off from yesterday’s ride on the damp roads.  She deserves the best!!!
Now I know what it takes to make me rest!!!  Miles and miles of bike riding in strong headwinds or mountains to climb!!
Miss you all and as always you are keeping me going!

Day 14: A welcome day of rest


I am relaxing today–something many of you know is hard for me but, hey!  I AM BIKING ACROSS AMERICA!!!  Makes me tired thinking about it!

My blog on this rest day is about the thing my Dad told me before he died 4 years ago. “Rona, if you are not grateful, you will never be happy.” I always thought I was a grateful person, but my amazing Dad’s words play in my mind every day over and over again. We can never be too grateful. Even in the darkest of times, there is something to be grateful for in life.

If you are reading this blog, please stop and think of what you are grateful for at this moment.

Each of you that have read my blogs have enriched my life by taking your precious time to follow my journey.  Many people have done what I am doing, though maybe not for Alzheimer’s.  It does not make me special; it makes me grateful.
When I finish this journey, God willing, I pray I will be a better person.
Continue to reflect on the blessings of our lives. I will take the strength you are giving me and PAY IT FORWARD every chance I can.

With love, respect and a grateful heart,