Touchdown in San Diego

First of all, thanks everyone for all the love that’s been pouring in to the blog and the website!

I arrived safely in San Diego and immediately began meeting fellow bike riders. This has been the first test of my memory–lots of ladies with all different names!  My sister was here waiting for me, too!
What a blessing to see someone I knew and I knew her name!
I met Jeannie from Maine, the only lady I had been talking to by phone over the past training months.  So nice to finally put a face with a voice.  She more than anyone will always represent the place where this all started , my Maine trip and a plane ride with a stranger who did this trip!!
I picked up my bike and no, they did not set the seat where Matt marked it.  Or else I shrank a few inches!   My second memory test: what number was the seat post on!! It gave me my first chance to use my tools (yikes!).  But it will be ok; I was taught well!!
Today I am going to the Alzheimers Association of San Diego to say hi.  Then we have a bike orientation at 1:00 and first group dinner at 6:30.  Wish me luck with all those names!
And please continue to keep me in your prayers for safety and spreading the Alzheimer’s message in honor of everyone affected.