Day 54: Country roads take me home..

photo 1 (12)Tuesday’s 75 mile bike ride is complete and we are safe in High Springs, Florida.  We beat the rain, and it is the typical Florida humidity, just like home.  Good news is, I like hot weather, and it makes the post bike ride shower even more enjoyable.  I got a call from the St.Augustine/Jacksonville area Alzheimer’s Association. They are planning to be there when I roll in Thursday around 11-ish.

Biking through this part of Florida (Panhandle, small farming towns) is very different from the Atlantic coast, Orlando, and larger cities on the Gulf that I have visited.  We passed many cattle farms, crops being planted, and open lands. When you ride country roads, an area feels so different than traveling the interstates.  I have learned our beautiful country is covered with miles and miles of farm lands and open spaces.  Biking has given me such a great opportunity to see America from such a different perspective, and we are not done yet–120 miles to go!!!!

My fundraising is still ongoing and I am at $11,404 with no stopping us yet!!!

Thank you all for your amazing support–can’t wait to be able to thank you in person.

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