Day 26: Happy April!

photo 4I am dedicating this blog to my friends and neighbors, Gail and Tom.  Gail’s Mom is Helen, another victim of Alzheimer’s disease living in an assisted living facility.  God bless Gail and Tom for the love and care that they give to Helen, making sure all her needs are taken care of so her quality of life is the best it can be.  You are my heroes of this ugly disease.

photo 3 (4)

Today was day 26 of my bike journey for Alzheimer’s and April 1.  The scenery has changed dramatically.  It is greener, the air is more humid (almost feels like home), and the mountains are farther away. The roads in this part of Texas are made of ‘chip and seal’, as they call it.  All I know is it shakes the body like I have never experienced.

photo 1 (4)

I am loving getting to know these ladies!  We spend hours after rides getting to know each other.  It’s great how lives are thrown together and it’s fun to see us mesh!!!
Two more riding days and then a rest….in Fredericksburg, Texas!
Love, Rona
Thank you for all your support!  It keeps me going, for sure!!!


On April 1st, my Blog was dedicated to my friends and neighbors, Gail and Tom, for the dedication, love and care they give to Gail’s mother Helen living with Alzheimer’s. I learned Helen passed away on Sunday, April 6th.  So to Gail, Tom, and your family, my heart is heavy from our loss.  May her memory and God give you peace.

Love, Rona

Please feel free to share anything I post so that we bring even more awareness to my ride for Alzheimer’s Disease and a vision for a cure.