Day 44: Passing through the Magnolia State

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Today started with a beautiful blue sky and 55 degrees–perfect temperature to start our 68 mile ride to Pascagoula, MS, our last stop before Alabama.  About half our ride was quiet and pretty flat, and then the heavy traffic came. Thankfully, people were very nice and passed with care.

photo 4 photo 3The accents here are *real* southern and sometimes hard to understand.  A few of us went to Waffle House next to our Super 8 when we arrived today.  Makes me think of home!!

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Our day tomorrow is only 41 miles into Dauphin Island, our only stop in Alabama. It’s a rest day on a beach in condos–such a far cry from our Super 8 tonight.  Short or long miles, I take each day seriously as there are always issues of safety, and I have to stay sharp.  Fundraising to date $8565 to my goal of $10,000
12 more days ……..
With respect and appreciation

Day 43: For the Angels among us

Before I take you into Mississippi, I want to tell you about a very nice lady I met last night at our motel in Bogalusa, LA, named Carmen.  I am dedicating my blog today to her.

photo 3 (8) After dinner last night, I was strolling around the motel and saw 2 ladies cleaning one of the rooms so I stopped to say hi, and Carmen (the supervisor of the room cleaning staff, working with her Grandaughter) wanted to know about our bike trip. I proceeded to tell her about the journey and I of course shared that I was biking for Alzheimer’s. They were finished with the room and I invited Carmen back to my room so I could give her one of my cards with my Blog information on it and to show her the picture of Mom on my bike bag.  She told me she has had 2 jobs in her life.  One is what she was doing, taking care of hotel rooms (by the way, I have never met anyone so dedicated to her job and committed to making the room spotless).  The other was as a CAREGIVER for ALZHEIMER’S patients–a job she said she loved.


I looked down at my bike bag to show Carmen the button of my mom and me I have been riding with for 6 weeks pinned to the front of my bag and it was GONE! It must have fallen off yesterday on one of the many bumpy roads we traveled.  I was shocked and I felt myself tear up to see Mom’s picture gone.  Only then, I realized Carmen, a wonderful, loving soul-carer for Alzheimer’s patients was sent to me to show me Mom is in my heart FOREVER,  button or NOT.  Bless you, Carmen, for the love you gave to so many people with Alzheimer’s.  You are a hero.

Today we crossed into Mississippi and the first thing I noticed was the ditches have no water in them. I was told that LA is below sea level and the higher elevation of Mississippi makes things somewhat dryer. The 2 lane roads were similar with many bumpy spots but a few less DOGS.

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Also Mississippi has rolling hills so the 61 mile ride was more challenging–or, as I say–humbling.  Cleaning my bike, Icing my knees and doing long overdue laundry were top on my to-do list. You can only hand wash stuff for so long and then it really needs to be cleaned the proper way!!!!
We are off to Pascagoula MS tomorrow, 68 miles our last stop in MS.

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Safe travels if Easter takes you on the roads. May your Easter Holiday be one of peace and reflection.

With appreciation and respect,